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20th Century Fox Studios

Fox hatte seine Studios in Century City im Jahr 1928 eröffnet. Sieben Jahre später fusionierte Fox mit Twentieth Century Pictures und das Unternehmen wurde 1935 zu „20th Century Fox“. Hier wurden Hits produziert wie "The Grapes of Wrath", "Rebecca", "Song of Bernadette", "Laura", "State Fair", "The Gentleman's Agreement", "The Robe", "Love Me Tender", "Cleopatra", "The Sound of Music", "Miracle on 34th Street", "Hello Dolly", "Patton", M * A * S * H", "The French Connection", "The Posaidon Adventure", "Cocoon", "Die Hard", "Predator", "Home alone", "Star Wars", "The Empire Strikes Back", "Return of the Jedi", "Sherlock Holmes", "Planet of the Apes“, "The Omen", "Alien 1-4", "Avatar", "X-Men", "Die Hard", "Love and Other Drugs", "Black Swan", "Knight & Day", "The Chronicles of Narnia ","Horton Hears a Who!", "Marley & Me", "Australia", "The Day The Earth Stood Still", "The Wrestler", "Taken", "Juno", "Alvin and the Chipmunks“, "Alien vs. Predator", "Night at the Museum", "The Devil wears Prada", "Borat", "Cheaper by the Dozen", "I, Robot", "Garfield", "Master and Commander" "Daredevil", "Minority Report", "The Road to Perdition", "Unfaithful", "Cast Away", "Fight Club", "Titanic", "There's Something About Mary", "Hope Floats", "Ever After", "The X Files", "Independence Day", "Home Alone", "Speed", "That Thing you Do", "A Walk In The Clouds", "Waiting to Exhale", "True Lies", "Mrs. Doubtfire", "Castle", "The Simpsons", "Glee", "New Girl", "Bones", "The Following", "24", "House", "Boston Legal", "Prison Break" "Malcolm in the Middle", "My Name is Earl", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", "Ally McBeal", "Boston Public", "Roswell", "The X-Files", „NYPD Blue", "Point of No Return", "Fight Club“, "Remington Steele", "Moonlighting" ..

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