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As a fan of the popular CBS TV show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” this interactive attraction is a must-have for any aspiring CSI agent! In 2017, at the MGM Grand Hotel on the famous Las Vegas Strip, I was able to investigate three different criminal cases with my son Niklas as a “special agent” and bring the truth to light. 3 murders, 15 suspects and 3 murderers. As in the TV series, it's about securing evidence, evaluating DNA traces and interviewing witnesses in order to find the perpetrator as quickly as possible. As forensic scientists, we investigated bullet impacts and DNA profiles were matched to potential suspects. We really had to get hands on with this attraction, with 15 forensic crime labs, 3 autopsy stations and a reporting station. We then received the coveted “CSI diploma” for our successful work.

Crime Scene 1-3.jpg

Crime Scene 1

Crime Scene 2-3.jpg

Crime Scene 2

Crime Scene 3-4.jpg

Crime Scene 3

CSI Labor 2.jpg

CSI Labor

2017 - Diplom 1 Niklas.jpg

CSI Diploma

Martin & Niklas Agent 1.jpg

Special Agents

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