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Hotel Ione

25 West Main Street, Ione, CA 95640

Ione Hotel (13).jpg

The Hotel Ione witnessed the gold rush around 1850. It was built at that time for the mine workers and as a storage facility for consumer goods.


Here you can still experience the charm of the early 1900's. But you also feel  a sense of the hectic and busy gold rush days! On the balcony you can hear the pounding of a horse's hooves as it trots down the main street. And perhaps also the cry of a miner from earlier days who has just become rich.

There are countless reports that the ghost “George” haunts the room. He pulls the blanket off the bed and says to the guests: "You are not allowed to sleep here." He also tends to prefer women. Visitors report that he spills water from "phantom water jugs" over the heads of male guests when leaving the room. Many visitors recognize “George” in a picture above the reception the next morning and say: “That was him, that man was in my room yesterday”.

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