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The Lamborghini Aventador  


  • 6.5 liter 60° V12 Engine

  • Max Power: 690 HP (700 CV) @ 8250 rpm

  • Maximum torque: 507 lbs/ft (690 Nm) @ 5500 rpm

  • Top Speed: 217 mph

  • Acceleration: 0-60mph = 2.9s

  • 7 speed ISR Gearbox

  • Pirelli P Zero tires


Lamborghini’s street legal Stealth Fighter has landed!

With handling being Lamborghini’s #1 priority when designing the Aventador, this car smashes the boundaries of hypercar development starting with its redesigned V12 nearly 50 years in the making, pushing over 700hp. This mated to a transmission that shifts in less than 50 milliseconds, the Aventador absolutely defies logic as you run through the gears!

Experience its pushrod suspension (unheard of in cars outside the F1 world) and feel as this car defies all logic and bridles its 700hp and sends it around our race track at speeds one would never think previously possible in a 700hp full bodied V12 Lambo.  The Aventador must be driven to truly understand its nearly limitless boundaries.

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