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Movie Location

Two Tars

Los Angeles - Centinela Avenue

Location 38.jpg

Busy Bodies

Beverly Hills - 517 North Canon Drive

Location 1.jpg
Location 2.jpg

Pack up your Troubles

Beverly Hills - Will Rogers Memorial Park

Location 5.1.jpg
Location 5.4.jpg

Big Business

Location 6.jpg

Culver City - 3404 & 3406 Caroline Avenue

Two Tars

Culver City - 3815 Main Street

Location 7.jpg

Small Talk

Culver City - 4052 Lafayette Place

Location 8.jpg

Hog Wild

Location 9.jpg

Culver City - 4170 & 4171 Madison Avenue

Location 10.jpg

Small Talk

Culver City - 9760 Culver Boulevard - Fire Department Number 1

Location 11.jpg

County Hospital

Going Bye Bye

Culver City - City Hall

Location 12.jpg

Big Business

Culver City - Jacob Street

Location 14.jpg

We Faw Down

Culver City - Van Buren Place

Location 15.jpg

Hats Off - Hat Fight Scene

Culver City - Venice Boulevard

Location 16.jpg

The Finishing Touch

Los Angeles - 2817 Motor Avenue

Location 17.jpg

The Finishing Touch

Los Angeles - 2818 Motor Avenue

Location 18.jpg

The Finishing Touch

Los Angeles - 2826 Motor Avenue

Location 19.jpg

Bacon Grabbers

Los Angeles - 2980 Haddington Drive

Location 20.jpg

Perfect Day

Los Angeles - 3115 Vera Avenue

Location 21.jpg

Perfect Day

Los Angeles - 3116 Vera Avenue

Location 22.jpg

Perfect Day

Los Angeles - 3120 Vera Avenue

Location 23.jpg

Hats Off

Los Angeles - 3278 Descanso Drive

Location 25.jpg

Boxing Gloves

Los Angeles - 3392 Motor Avenue

Location 27.jpg

Bouncing Babies

Los Angeles - 3545 Motor Avenue

Location 28.jpg

Bouncing Babies

Los Angeles - 3568 & 3570 Motor Avenue

Location 29.jpg

Fly my Kite

Los Angeles - 3650 Overland Avenue

Location 30.jpg

Fly my Kite

Los Angeles - 3658 Overland Avenue

Location 31.jpg

Fly my Kite

Los Angeles - 3668 Overland Avenue

Location 32.jpg

Sons of Dessert

Los Angeles - 3725 Jasmine Avenue

Location 33.jpg

Big Business

Los Angeles - 10281 Dunleer Drive

Location 35.jpg

Bacon Grabbers

Los Angeles - 10341 Bannockburn Drive

Location 36.jpg

Hook and Ladder

Los Angeles - 10420 National Boulevard

Location 37.jpg
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