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Marvin Gaye


Marvin Gaye was an American soul and R&B singer of the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s. After a tour of America, he struggled with health problems and depression. At the end of August 1983 he moved in with his parents to retire in their house. Gaye threatened to kill himself several times after arguments with his father. At about 11 a.m. on April 1, 1984, the day before his 45th birthday, his father shot Gaye twice in the chest during another argument. Gaye had given the murder weapon to his father for Christmas. His father then sat on the porch, threw the gun into the grass and waited for the police to arrive. He was given a suspended sentence for manslaughter.

Michael Jace

02 MICHAEL JACE (2).jpg

Michael Jace is an American actor. On May 19, 2014, Michael Jace got into an argument with his second wife April, as a result of which he shot her in front of their two children. He then called the police himself and was arrested in front of his home in Los Angeles. On June 1, 2016, after a week-long trial in a Los Angeles court, a jury convicted him of second-degree murder, i.e. murder with premeditated intent. The length of the prison sentence was announced on June 10, 2016. Jace goes to prison for 40 years. He is known for films such as "The Shield", "Southland", "Forrest Gump", "Boogie Nights", "Planet of the Apes" and "An American Hero".

Paul Walker

03 PAUL WALKER (1).jpg

Paul William Walker was an American actor and film producer. He is best known for the action film series “Fast and Furious”. On November 30, 2013 at 3 p.m., the actor died in a car accident in Valencia while he was taking a short spin in a red Porsche Carrera GT with a friend. Paul was a passenger when the sports car spun out of control, smashed into a light pole and burst into flames. The accident site is approximately one mile northeast of the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park.

Herve Villechaize


Hervé Villechaize was a French actor. The short man (1.19 meters) played his best-known roles in the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun and as Mr. Roarke's assistant Tattoo in the television series Fantasy Island. In 1983 he had a dispute with the show's producers because he demanded higher fees. He lost his commitment. In the same year, Villechaize was left by his second wife, the actress Camille Hagen. He suffered from depression and became an alcoholic. As his health problems worsened, he could only sleep in a kneeling position because otherwise he would suffocate. Hervé Villechaize shot himself in the back garden of his house on September 4, 1993, at the age of 50. He left a note and a tape in which he explained that he was discouraged because of his health problems.

Michael Jackson


Superstar Michael Jackson died here on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50. He was taken by EMS to UCLA Medical Center, where his death was later announced.

Carl Switzer


Carl Dean Switzer was an American film actor. He gained fame during the 1930s primarily through his appearances as “Alfalfa” in the Little Strolchen. On the evening of January 21, 1959, a dispute broke out between Moses Stilz, a friend of the house, and Carls Switzer over $50. There was a physical altercation. Switzer threatened to kill Moses with the knife. When the former child star actually tried to attack, Stiltz began shooting at him. Switzer was hit in the abdomen and fell to the ground, seriously injured. Although emergency services were called and the actor was taken to hospital, he died a few hours later. He was only 31 years old.


Lyle & Erik Menendez

Joseph Lyle Menendez and Erik Galen Menendez shot and killed their parents Jose and Kitty on August 20, 1989 in the family room of their parents' home in Beverly Hills, California. After the crime, they drove away in the car to dispose of their firearms. They then bought cinema tickets, which they then used as an alibi. When the brothers returned to their parents' house, Lyle called 911 and screamed, "Someone killed my parents!" In the months that followed, the brothers lived a luxurious and lavish life, spending around a million dollars. This increased the investigators' suspicion that they were responsible for the death of their parents. The brothers were arrested in March 1990 for the murder of their parents. On July 2, 1996, Judge Stanley M. Weisberg sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin (1).jpg

On October 3, shortly before the end of studio recording, Joplin was at Sunset Sound Studio for the last time to listen to tapes of tracks that she was supposed to sing on the following days. When she didn't show up at the studio until mid-afternoon the next day, John Cooke drove to the Landmark Motel, where Joplin had been staying since August 24, to check on her. He found her dead on the floor. The Landmark Motel was renamed the Highland Gardens Hotel immediately after her death. According to official information, Janis Joplin died of a heroin overdose on October 4, 1970.

Victor Killian.jpg

Victor Killian

Victor Arthur Kilian was an American actor. He was murdered on March 11, 1979 when he surprised burglars in his apartment.

Bela Lugosi


Bela Lugosi was a Hungarian actor. Lugosi gained worldwide fame through his portrayal of Count Dracula. On August 16, 1956, Lugosi was found dead in bed at the age of 73. The cause of death was a heart attack. At the end of his life, Lugosi is said to have been obsessed with the idea that he was actually Dracula himself. Lugosi was laid out in a Dracula costume, not at his own request, but at the request of his son and fourth wife, and was buried in one in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.

Anthony Perkins


Anthony Perkins was an American actor and director. In Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho, he wrote film history in the role of the morbidly mother-obsessed motel owner Norman Bates. Anthony Perkins died on September 12, 1992 at the age of 60 from pneumonia caused by AIDS. He had kept his AIDS secret from the public and even from his friends and children since his diagnosis in 1986. Only his wife was in on it. She died in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 aboard American Airlines Flight 11 - the first of two planes that crashed into the World Trade Center.

Bobby Fuller


Bobby" Fuller was an American rock singer, songwriter and guitarist. On July 18, 1966, Fuller died under circumstances that have not yet been clarified. His mother found him lifeless in the afternoon of that day in the car that Fuller had borrowed. Since the cause of death could not be clearly clarified, a private detective was commissioned to investigate. Here, too, the exact cause of death could not be clarified. The exact circumstances of death have not been clarified to this day. However, there are many indications that the police were negligent in the investigation . No fingerprints were taken, and for the police officers Fuller was probably “just a rock’n’roll punk.”

Clara Blandick


Clara Blandick was an American film and stage actress who appeared in, among other things, “The Wizard of Oz”. After her last film in 1950, Blandick moved to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. In the 1950s her health began to decline. She suffered from arthritis and became increasingly blind. After attending the Palm Sunday service on April 15, 1962, the 85-year-old actress went to her bedroom and changed into a fine blue dress. She then took an overdose of pills and lay on her sofa, where she died. In her suicide note, she cited health problems as the reason for her suicide.

Albert Dekker


Albert Dekker was an American film and stage actor. In 1968 Albert Dekker was found dead in his apartment. He was hanging naked on a shower curtain in his bathroom, his body bizarrely knotted and he was handcuffed. His body was smeared with some swear words and several valuables were stolen from Dekker's apartment. The police initially assumed it was a suicide, but later his death was ruled an accident; he may have suffocated during a sex game. The exact circumstances of his death remain unclear to this day.

Jack Cassidy


JJack Cassidy was an American actor and singer. He was an alcoholic and prone to excesses, especially under stress. He died in a fire in his West Hollywood apartment in the early hours of December 12, 1976. He had smoked and fallen asleep. The couch caught fire and set the apartment and building on fire.

Nicole Brown & Ronald Goldman


On the night of June 13, 1994, neighbors, alerted by barking dogs, found the mutilated bodies of Nicole Brown and a good friend, Ronald Goldman, in the entryway of their Los Angeles condominium. Her children were sleeping in the apartment at the time of the murders. O. J. Simpson was arrested and charged with both murders. The criminal proceedings ended with an acquittal. In a civil lawsuit, Simpson was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to the families of Brown and Goldman - a claim that has not yet been enforced

Billy dee Williams


“Billy Dee Williams was arrested by police here on January 30, 1996 for being violent after an argument with his girlfriend.


Alexander Godunov

“Alexander Godunov,” the ballet and film star, died here on May 18, 1995 at the age of 45. After giving up ballet in 1982, he returned to the cinema as an actor. He debuted in "The Money Pit" (1984), was an Amish farmer in "Witness" (1985) and a psychotic killer in "Die Hard" (1988). He died here in his apartment from acute alcoholism.

Cuba Gooding Jr.


Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. sat outside Roscoe's House of Chicken Waffles restaurant north of Sunset Blvd on Monday, May 28, 2007. in his car and waited for the food he had ordered for his family. Suddenly he heard shots. He saw a young man stumbling towards him who had been wounded in the attack. The young man was bleeding from his neck and collapsed. Cuba asked for towels at the restaurant to stop the victim's bleeding. He looked after the injured man until he was able to draw the attention of a passing police car to him. He remained at the scene until the ambulance arrived.

Winona Ryder


Actress Winona Ryder was arrested at the Saks Fifth Avenue Store on December 12, 2001 for shoplifting $5,606. Store security officers said they saw Winona remove the security tags from the store items, put them in her bag and leave the store. In a later trial she was convicted of theft and vandalism. In December 2002, she was sentenced to three years probation and 480 hours of community service.

Jenny Dolly


“Jenny Dolly” was torn between her love for “Max,” her boyfriend, and “Gordon Selfridge,” who offered her an enormous amount of money to marry her. The longing for a good life led her to accept an invitation from Gordon to Paris. The short trip to France almost ended fatally. Jenny was involved in a terrible car accident outside Bordeaux. Jenny was severely disfigured and remained in the American Hospital in Paris for months. After she stabilized, Selfridge paid the world's best plastic surgeons to restore her beauty, but to no avail. Eventually, her sister and brother-in-law brought Jenny back to the United States, where she spent the rest of her life with her burned body. On June 1, 1941, she made a noose out of her living room curtains and hanged herself.

William Frawley


William Frawley was walking past the Knickerbocker Hotel on March 3, 1966 when he suffered a heart attack. He was taken to the hotel lobby, where he died on the couch at the age of 79.

Irene Gibbon


On November 15, 1962, 61-year-old MGM clothing designer “Irene Gibbon” jumped to her death from her eleventh floor. Earlier that day, she tried to cut her wrists. Her second attempt was more successful as she landed on the roof of the lobby. She left a message apologizing to the guests at the hotel.

D.W. Griffith


David Wark "D.W." Griffith suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage in his one-room apartment on July 23, 1948, at the age of 73. The "father" of all films produced over 500 films from 1909 to 1930, including "The Birds of a Nation" (1915) and "Love Struggle Throughout the Ages" (1916). When he died, he had already been unemployed for 20 years and was well known in the neighborhood as an alcoholic.

Matthew Perry


At midday on May 20, 2000, “Matthew Perry” was driving his green Porsche 911 near his home on this narrow road when he suddenly had to avoid another car. He lost control of his vehicle and ended up on his neighbor's porch. The porch was destroyed, as was Matthew's Porsche, which had to be towed away.

No police report was filed because  Matthew was not drugged and no one was injured. Ironically, he had just signed a new contract that would pay him $750,000 per episode for two more years of Friends. Some of it was most likely used to pay for a new porch and a new Porsche.

Ford Sterling


Ford Sterling was an 18-year-old circus clown  when he came to Hollywood in 1901. In 1914, the then 31-year-old Sterling caused a stir when he married the 16-year-old actress “Teddy Sampson”. The two were married until Sterling's death in 1939; the marriage remained childless. Ford Sterling, who suffered from diabetes mellitus for a long time, died of a heart attack at the age of 55.


LIBERACE (2).jpg

Pianist and master actor Liberace died of AIDS in Palm Springs in 1987. His death, along with "Rock Hudson," helped raise public awareness of the disease.

Dianne Linkletter


The daughter of “Art Linkletter” jumped to her death from the sixth floor apartment in 1969. Her family was certain that she was on drugs (LSD) at the time of death. However, a drug test showed no signs of drugs in your body.

Roman Polanski


IIn the home of actor Jack Nicholson, director Roman Polanski allegedly seduced a 13-year-old girl. In 1977, Polański was charged in Los Angeles with "rape using narcotics" of then 13-year-old Samantha Jane Gailey. The indictment included a total of six counts. The proceedings took place with great public participation. To protect the minor, her lawyer suggested a plea agreement so that she would not have to testify publicly in court. The prosecutor agreed, as did Polański's defense attorney. The charge was thus reduced to “extramarital sexual intercourse with a minor.” As part of this agreement, Polański pleaded guilty. Because of the victim's age, a forensic psychiatric evaluation of the perpetrator was required by law, for which Polański was sent to state prison for 90 days. After 42 days, he was released early with the recommendation that a suspended sentence be imposed.

When it became clear that the judge in charge would not stick to the agreement, Polański fled to London and then lived in France. Since then, he has avoided traveling to the USA and countries where extradition is expected.

Hugh Grant


This street was where actor “Hugh Grant”  picked up a prostitute in the early hours of June 27, 1995. He drove around the corner and parked in a residential area. Shortly afterwards, he and the prostitute were arrested for lewd behavior. Hugh Grant paid a $1,200 fine and was sentenced to two years probation.

Percy Kilbride


On December 11, 1964, 76-year-old “Percy Kilbride” and his friend and fellow actor “Ralf Belmont” were hit by a car while walking. Belmont succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident and Kilbride also died in a sanatorium less than three months later from the long-term effects of the accident.

Harry Greenberg


On the evening of September 22, 1939, “Harry Greenberg” got out at this corner and was ambushed by three men (Bugsy Siegel, Frank Carbo and Whitney Krakower) and shot 24 times. Six bullets were fired by his best buddy “Bugsy”.

Jason Priestly


The actor “Jason Priestly” drove home from a concert in his new Porsche at 12:30 a.m. on Friday, December 3, 1999. Shortly before his house, he drove the Porsche into a street lamp, into a few garbage cans and finally ended up in a parked car. and home Porsche into a light pole and trash can before breaking into a parked car. His friend, a passenger in the car, broke his arm. Jason told police he was trying to avoid a deer. However, he was arrested for driving while drunk. Since he managed to hit a deer, but was arrested for drunk driving. He was later sentenced to five days in prison.

Paris Hilton


It was at this intersection that “Paris Hilton” was arrested by police shortly after midnight on September 7, 2006. Because of her driving style, the police suspected she was under drugs. Paris had just left a charity event at the Dragonfly bar and was driving her $252,000 Mercedes-Benz when police stopped her. The alcohol test showed the bare minimum (0.08) and Paris claimed to have only drunk a single margarita on an empty stomach. She said: "I hadn't eaten all day and I was really hungry and I wanted to get another In Out Burger. "  Kimberly Steward, singer Rod Stewart's daughter, was also in the car at the time. Paris was taken to the nearby Hollywood police station and later released. Her sister Nicky Hilton picked her up there. Paris was sentenced to 36 months probation for this offense  and her driver's license was suspended. However, on January 15, 2007, she was caught driving again by Highway Patrol. She signed a document on site in which she confirmed that she had driven a car without a license. Two days later, on February 17, 2007, she was caught again driving without a license. Because she violated her probation several times, a judge sentenced her in May 2007 to 45 days in the Century Regional Jail. However, after checking into Lynwood Prison in early June 2007, she was released a few days later. She was allowed to return home because her psychiatrist claimed she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The court allowed her to return home three weeks early. However, she was required to remain at her Kings Road home for 40 days and wear an electronic bracelet. Just a day later, public outcry over the "special treatment" of celebrities led to Paris being sent back in handcuffs to her solitary cell at the county jail to serve the remainder of her sentence. She was released on June 27 after completing her sentence.

Burt Reynolds


In March 1994, actor Burt Reynolds was leaving the Super Crown bookstore near the CBS Studio Center, where he was filming his series "Evening Shade," with a box of books when he was approached by two robbers. The attackers knocked Burt out Reynolds, who had a cast on his arm at the time, stood up and punched one of them, causing the two would-be robbers to flee empty-handed.

Black Dahlia


In the fall of 1946, Short lived with casual acquaintances in cheap hotels, where she often didn't pay the rent, and in run-down apartments in the Los Angeles area. On December 8, 1946, she took a bus to San Diego, not knowing where she would spend the night. She wanted to spend the night in a cinema; Cashier Dorothy French took pity on her and let her stay with her family in San Diego. On January 8, 1947, she wrote a letter to Fickling in which she said she wanted to go to Chicago with a certain Jack to become a model. That same day, the French family reportedly asked her to leave their home. She was hitchhiking and was picked up by Robert Manley. He took her to a café in San Diego and the two stayed at a hotel. He was asleep in bed, she was fully dressed in a chair because she wasn't feeling well. The next morning, Manley drove her back to Los Angeles, where he dropped off her suitcases with her at the bus depot. She said she wanted to meet her sister Virginia at the Biltmore Hotel downtown and then drive with her to Berkeley, where Virginia lived. None of this was true, Manley waited with her until around half past six in the evening. As the evening progressed, she left the hotel lobby. Three people said they saw her at a downtown cocktail bar that evening. What happened next is unclear. On the morning of January 15, 1947, at approximately 10:30 a.m., Short's body was found by a walker in the grass next to the sidewalk on the west side of Norton Avenue between Coliseum Street and West 39th Street in the Leimert Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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