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Forest Lawn Cypress

4471 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA 90630

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Eddie Cochran Grave 1.jpg

Eddie Cochran

* 3. Oktober 1938 in Albert Lea, Minnesota

17. April 1960 in Bath, Großbritannien

was an American rock 'n' roll and rockabilly musician. Eddie Cochran died in an accident in April 1960, the day after completing a tour of Britain with friend Gene Vincent. While on a Bristol to London taxi ride between Bath and Chippenham, the vehicle blew out a tire and crashed into a lamppost. He died of head injuries at St Martins Hospital in Bath 16 hours after the accident. Gene Vincent suffered a broken collarbone, multiple broken ribs and another leg injury. Manager Pat Thomkins and the 19-year-old taxi driver were unharmed. Cochran's friend Sharon Sheeley suffered a fractured pelvis. The musician was buried on April 25 in Glendale, California.

Ken Maynard Grave 1.jpg

Ken Maynard

* 21. Juli 1895 in Vevay, Indiana

23. März 1973 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

was an American stuntman and actor. He has appeared in over 90 westerns, best known for performing stunts on horseback. He was one of the first Western stars to incorporate singing into his films and is therefore regarded as a pioneer of the singing cowboys who conquered Hollywood in the 1930s. However, he could not realize his dream of a career as a singer. The studio chose popular radio star Gene Autry, who had made a name for himself first as a Jimmie Rodgers impersonator and later as Oklahoma's Yodeling Cowboy. Maynard also sang in this film, but was dubbed at Levine's instigation. Autry was the much better singer. It so happened that he and others soon ousted Maynard, which had a negative effect on his already battered psyche. Mascot fired him after assaulting director Joseph Kane while he was filming Mystery Mountain, only to save Autry's courageous intervention. After that incident, Maynard got a bad rap from studio officials, but audiences loved him. In 1945 his film career finally came to an end. In the years that followed, Maynard increasingly struggled with alcohol problems, which destroyed both his riding skills and his finances. He lived in a trailer for a long time, dependent on welfare and the support of an anonymous donor whose identity has never been established, although rumors persist that it is Gene Autry. A few weeks before his death, Maynard was taken to a home for aging actors in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, where he died on March 23, 1973. Regardless of his singing career, Maynard is considered one of the best western actors of the early years due to his pioneering horseman stunts, which always played the leading role in his films. He was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the genre.

Angel Florez Grave 1.jpg

Angel Florez

* 13. August 1963 in Stockton, California

† 25. August 1995 in Los Angeles, California     

was an American actor. Known for roles in 'The New Mickey Mouse Club' (1977) and 'The Mouseketeers' (1977) at Walt Disney World. He died of AIDS on August 25, 1995

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