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Los Angels    Memorial Parks

Most of the stars and actors of the "Silver Screen" found their final resting place in and around Los Angeles. The cemeteries are beautifully maintained with green lawns, thosusends of trees and modern mausoleums. All of these "Memorial Parks" are open to the public, with very different behaviors towards visitors.

At the "Pierce Bros. Westwood Memorial Park" you will be greeted very friendly and if you ask, they will be happy to explain where a grave you are looking for is located. 

Also in "Hollywood Forever" you havethe possibility to buy a detailed map, so you can find the graves you are looking for in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, no tourist are wanted at the graves in the "Forest Lawn" and they also refuse any information to find the desired graves of the personatlities, So if you don´t know exactly where a tombis, you can save yourself the trouble. You won´t find it! The parks are huge and it is only posible to drive to the respective seöections by car.

After countless hours of preperation and several trips to Los Angeles, I managed to look for and find the most important graves in 3 years. I´ve been looking for some for days sometimes and was almost desperate. But with patience, respect and good preperation I made it.

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