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Grand View Memorial Park

1341 Glenwood Rd, Glendale, CA 91201

Grandview Memorial Park 1.jpg
Chill Wills Grave 1.jpg

Chill Wills

* 18. Juli 1902 in Seagoville, Texas

15. Dezember 1978 in Encino, Kalifornien

was an American film and stage actor and musician. One of his best-known films is the western "Alamo", which was directed by John Wayne in 1960. Chills, who received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 1961 for his portrayal of a bartender, then began an unprecedented campaign to win AMPAS votes for the Gold Statue. But the aggressive tone that Wills displayed was rigorously punished by the Academy, so that on the one hand Wills didn't get an Oscar, and on the other hand the film "Alamo" itself only got a single gold statue out of seven Oscar nominations could claim. Even John Wayne had to publicly apologize for his actor's behavior. Chill Wills died of cancer at the age of 76. A star on the Walk of Fame is dedicated to him today.

Madge Blake Grave 1.jpg

Madge Blake

* 31. Mai 1899

† 19. Februar 1969

was an American actress, best known for her roles as Larry Mondello's mother, Margaret Mondello, on the CBS/ABC sitcom 'The Real McCoys', and as Aunt Harriet Cooper in ninety-six episodes of ABC's 'Batman.' She died in hospital at the age of sixty-nine after suffering a heart attack.

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